Welcome to our Sunday services at St. Kongensgade 23 near Kongens Nytorv. We sing hymns and hear the weekly Lesson-Sermon from the Bible and Danish translation of Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures (full-text edition in English is available). Time, together with Sunday School: 10:00 a.m.

The Testimony Meeting takes place at 5:00 pm on the 1st Wednesday of the month.

​After a reading of passages from the Bible and from our textbook, participants share healings and inspiration that have come to them through the study and application of Christian Science.​

​Our Reading Room is open Tuesday and Thursday from 1 – 5 P.M. Here you may read, borrow and purchase all authorized literature including The Christian Science Monitor The librarian will be happy to answer your questions.

​Church and Reading Room are closed in July.

Læseværelset igen åbent
Læseværelset er igen åbent tirsdage og torsdage fra kl 13 til 17, Man kan maile cs.rr@mail.dk og skrive dertil, og der vil blive tjekket post mindst én gang om ugen. Kirkens telefon # er +45 33 13 08 91
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Næste gudstjeneste er søndag d. 1 august kl 10:00 i kirken
Grundet bortrejse vil gudsjenenesten IKKE blive sendt via Zoom - dette genoptages først 8 august.
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Næste onsdagsmøde er d. 4 AUGUST - kun på ZOOM
kl 17:00 -
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​Kristen Videnskab | St. Kongensgade 23, st. | 1264 København K | Tlf.: +45 33 13 08 91 | cs.rr@mail.dk